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  • brownbag slides and paper

    Current rough draft of the paper Brownbag slides

  • Slides I presented at Robert Bushman’s Seminar

    Some slides I presented at Robert Bushman’s seminar. I discussed/described Three papers. First was one of the more impactful papers on human/organizational capital, Eisfeldt and Papanikolaou’s “Organizational Capital and the Cross Section of Expected Returns.” Second was my dissertation, “Organizational Capital and the Effects of Technology Shocks on the Characteristics of Earnings.” Finally, I presented…

  • AAA discussions 2022 (San Diego)

    In August I discussed three papers for the American Accounting Association Annual Meeting in San Diego and virtually. It was a valuable opportunity for me to read some great papers, think about the related literatures, and share some thoughts. I generally try and keep my discussions at a high-level at AAA, as many of the…

  • Updated CV Template

    I updated my CV this summer, and used LaTeX to do so. I borrowed heavily from this template, but I made some modifications to adapt it for accounting academia. I am also making my source code available and you can see the most current version of my CV here.

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